Tuesday, July 16, 2013

NatGeo Gun Control Propagandizing

Perhaps Doomsday Preppers is not working out for them or NatGeo is not to worried about biting the hand that feeds, but we can see how their new Inside: Secret America - Armed and Undercover could certainly lose them some respect and possibly long term viewers. This is your typical hidden camera show doing the same tired visits to gun shops, ranges, and the faux controversial gun show extravaganza or as they call it Bonanza, which could be further from the truth. From the looks of their trailers it appears most of their filming takes part right here in the Phoenix metro area, where apparently we are magnified as the gunniest place on earth.

The trailers alone effectively discredit their hopes of showing how easy it is for criminals to obtain firearms through legal means and are dishonest to their viewers by not pointing out that miscreants are going to find a way to get their hands on guns no matter what the law states. Then again we are just looking at highlight trailers, so perhaps we should give the benefit of the doubt, but we are not holding our breath for a weighted discussion. In the age of the internet, you have to be blind to think gun shows and straw purchasing are the only means for criminals to obtain firearms. Just as the Mexican Cartels how hard it is to obtain their weaponry which they have utilized illegally to kill at least 60K people that have been identified over the past 5 years.

These videos are a mere glimpse at the stupidity being broadcast by NatGeo this Wednesday evening. One of their scenes takes part at the Usery Mountain Shooting Range where they point out on their website: Mariana (undercover actress) is shooting an M16 rifle, the most common firearm used by shooters at the gun range. The M16 is a high-powered assault rifle used by the U.S. Military. It can be set to semi-automatic or fully-automatic. Considering the  range is open to the general public, we find it hard to believe that the majority are bringing M-16 rifles. 

NatGeo's focus on being able to purchase the largest handgun in the universe or twenty AK-47s, along with shooting 100-round Beta Mags at the range further shows the shallow depth of their imagination in trying to scare people into wanting more gun control. These tactics are to be expected by propagandizers, but coming from Nat Geo where many of their shows fit into genres popular with firearms owners to be bad for business. Perhaps they just don't know who normally watches their shows or they simply don't care to push some agenda of their producers. 

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