Monday, July 8, 2013

LandCamo ABD GORA Camouflage Field Shots

S.S.F.N. has sent us a first look at the field shots they took of the LandCamo ABD GORA pattern on fabric. This pattern's literal translation is Mountain and is designed for rocky mountainous terrain with vegetation.

LandCamo ABD Gora Field Shot
The pattern appears effective in the environment seen here and we look forward to seeing finished uniforms which can be expected in the next month or so. 

LandCamo ABD Gora Camouflage Up Close

As with all LandCamo ABD patterns, SpecOpShop holds the exclusive license for the GORA variant. The ABD SERE is already available for purchase, which will soon be followed by the Alpine and GORA variants. Ordering is available online at

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