Friday, July 26, 2013

Kent Optronics Adjustable Camouflage

We are not sure how technologically advanced this is compared to Quantum Stealth or Smart Camo, but it is interesting to see that different companies are focusing on adjustable camouflage. Kent Optronics is utilizing liquid crystals much like modern televisions to develop a camouflage system that is applicable in the visual and IR spectrum with the capability to change color to meet the needs of a given environment. 

Kent Optronics Camouflage
Kent Optronics notes that the color and pattern can be adjusted electronically though their sample seems quite rudimentary in the pattern change department, though you can see how adjusting colors can make a difference in the configuration. An interesting aspect is the capability to adapt to different surfaces, so there could definitely be some military hardware application. We like concepts like this, since there is always room for improvement and there is always an assumption for more advanced technology available given that this is what is available for public consumption. 

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