Tuesday, July 16, 2013

HPG Shepherd Stove

Hill People Gear have a lot of great creations for practical use in the outdoors and they are now going beyond nylon equipment with the Shepherd Stove. This is a project they have been working on for over two years and just completed the first production model. The current model weighs in at 3 Pounds and 5 ounces and a top dimension of 10"x15" with 10" deep firebox.

HPG Shepherd Stove
Evan Hill has provided a full demonstration of the stove including all parts along with assembly in the video below, which also gives a better perspective on size. You can also see it is easy to break down for stowage in a pack. Clearly the burden can be divided among those that will benefit. They note total weight comes in at 5 pounds with a stovepipe included.

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