Sunday, July 21, 2013

FBI Sole-Source RFQ for Crye Precision Body Armor

This week the Federal Bureau of Investigation released an RFQ for a sole source, firm-fixed price contract with Crye Precision for their Body Armor and Load Bearing Systems along with relevant accessories. They claim that Crye Precision is the sole distributor of the required body armor with load bearing systems needed, which is open for dispute till the end of the month. This particular body armor is being sourced for the FBI Hostage team and meets the capability of holding Level III Soft Armor and Level IV Hard Armor Plates in the front, rear, and sides. 

Crye Precision: StKSS Load System
The FBI also were looking for MOLLE, hook and loop, or zipper based modular system for easy adaption to the particular mission. An emphasis was also placed on being lightweight, flexible, and provide maximum protection. One key component that separated Crye Precision from the field was their load bearing system utilizing their STKSS technology that distributes weight to the hips. 

Clearly Crye Precision is not all about camouflage, but their MultiCam pattern didn't hurt their chances as it is also noted as one aspect in choosing the company due to the Hostage Rescue Teams use of the pattern on their uniforms. Other features such as ventilation and rigid plastic lining that distributes the weight of the body armor better. All of these factors led them to seek only Crye Precision's body armor. For full details visit

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