Monday, July 22, 2013

Domari Nolo CLFP MKII

We had show some footage of the original Centurion Light Fighter Parka which will go into production this August. However, Domari Nolo is not resting on their laurels and now have a prototype for their CLFP MKII, which is a Gore-Tex lined version of the garment for additional protection against the elements.

Domari Nolo CLFP MKII in Kryptek Mandrake
The second model of the CLFP was manufactured in conjunction with a custom request from Owen Martin over at Snake Hound Machine to utilize a fabric with the Kryptek Mandrake Pattern. Domari Nolo is considering all options for future production, but currently have plans to develop both models in the four PenCott Family of Patterns as well as A-TACS AU and FG.

Centurion Light Fighter Park MKII Rear
Both models of the CLFP will come with a compression sack that will mitigate the size of the garments for easy storage and carry. You can look for the MKII Model later in the Fall of 2013. Domari Nolo still hasn't finalized all of the materials to be utilized, but the prototype gives a general baseline of what they are looking for in a design. For further details keep an eye out at

Domari Nolo CLFP MKII
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