Thursday, July 25, 2013

Camo Comfort from Armasoft

We are pretty sure if Kublai Khan was alive today, he would have Kryptek throw pillows and bean bags chairs in his Pleasure Dome. Of course, Aussie based Armasoft probably didn't have the Emperor of China in mind when designing their plush products, but we are sure they will suffice for your more leisurely pursuits. 

Kryptek Nomad Scatter Pillow
If you are looking for more discrete lounging, too bad, they only seem to have camouflage options. You can currently purchase their Medius or Magnus Bean Bag Chair as well as their Scatter Cushions in three Kryptek Patterns as well as MultiCam, Woodland, and A-TACS AU. Ordering is available online at

Kryptek Typhon Magnus Bean Bag Chair
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