Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Brunton Reactor - Portable Fuel Cell Charger

Having a reliable energy when traditional sources are not available is a must for use of electronics outdoors. Navigation and general survival skills are essential for those looking to venture away from the roof over your head, but having a GPS device at hand along with some form of communication to the outside world can mean everything when all else fails. Brunton has brought Horizon's Minipak handheld fuel cell USB charger to the U.S. Market and are now releasing their own outdoor rugged version branded as the Brunton Reactor, which will also utilize the same style of Hydrogen Cartridges. 

Brunton Reactor
The Brunton Reactor will power your cell phone or any device with a standard USB cord input. The Hydrogen Cartridges can charge a cell phone multiple times and act as a great replacement for several AA batteries. The current Hydrostiks can charge a Smart Phone twice in an hour and the new Brunton Hydrogen Core version are purported to offer increased capability. 

Brunton Hydrogen Core Cartridge
A representative at Horizon has also notified us to expect Brunton to release their own version of the Hydrofill, which is the charging station for the Hydrogen Cartridges simply using purified water and plugs in with an AC/DC adapter. This can also be utilized with solar power systems for complete independence from the grid. The Brunton Reactor is due for release at the 2013 Outdoor Retailer Summer Market. Brunton Products are distributed to major outdoor stores including REI.

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