Friday, June 7, 2013

Small Arms Fire Control Industry Day

In order to mitigate combat stress and other variables effecting engagement of a target, the U.S. Army with Project Management Soldier Weapons is hosting an Industry Day for Small Arms Fire Control Systems. They are seeking information for a Fire Control device that will integrate the position of the weapon, environmental conditions, rangefinder, and the capability to network the sight picture with others. You may have seen similar concepts on the market, so the ability to bring on a multi-facted technology to reduce human error is certainly not a pipe dream. PEO Soldier notes that the Army is already utilizing a Fire Control Device on the experimental XM25, which integrates a rangefinder and environmental sensor to help the Soldier properly aim the grenade launcher.

Tracking Point Screen View
The information provided could be utilized to help develop a Fire Control Device to be utilized with the M4, XM2010, M100, M240, M249, and M2. The Industry Day is to be held later this month on June 24th and only open to those invited through a vetting of their capabilities. If you are still not sure what modern solutions are already available, allow Steve Colbert condescend a system that has some of the capabilities for which the Army is seeking. Interested parties can review the full RFI at

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