Monday, June 3, 2013

Slangvel Kryptek Recce Boonies

We just touched on the M43 hats Slangvel is pushing out in the Kryptek Camouflage and now we have some shots of three variants from family of patterns including Nomad, Highlander, and Mandrake. This gives you a quick comparison of the three variants being considered by the U.S. Army for the Camouflage Improvement Effort. You will soon find these hats at the Slangvel eBay Store and be sure to follow him for updates at the Slangvel Facebook Page.

Slangvel Recce Boonie (Kryptek Higlander)

Slangvel Recce Boonie (Kryptek Nomad)

Slangvel Recce Boonie (Kryptek Mandrake)

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