Thursday, June 20, 2013

Rob Pincus Gets to the Bottom of Oral IV

Thus far we have only seen one side of the argument when it comes to detractors calling Oral IV out as a scam. Rob Pincus has now released 2 videos in a four part series with the creator of Oral IV explaining what his product is and how it works. It is important to see all of the interests involved when it comes to people putting forth an offensive toward a product. In the end you have to see both sides to the story and make a decision for yourself. 

Clearly hydration supplements have quickly become a very serious subject with a lot of opinions floating about. We provided part one of the Rob Pincus What is Oral IV series below. Part two is already available if you follow along to the Rob Pincus channel for additional viewing. It may take one or two views to fully understand the science and calm the inner President Camacho. 

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