Thursday, June 6, 2013

RECOIL Revived?

I have followed RECOIL magazine from the start and were quite excited to see a  publication come to fruition that was big on high quality imagery for the firearms industry. It would be hard for anyone in the industry to not have seen what went down last year and frankly we kept from piling on simply to avoid redundancy. It is obvious to us that the problem has been corrected in a sufficient manner as the offending agent's influence has been removed from the publication, so let it be a sunk cost and see the magazine for what it is today. 

I didn't pick up the last issue based on prior experiences. A lot of the articles covered what you typically find with up and coming magazines finding their way with its readership. A lot of basics on firearms, survival, knives, etc. intertwined with car ads. I am not shopping for tires and while the quality of the magazine is worth its price tag, it had become apparent that the magazine had fallen out of favor with many in the industry it was created to cover. It can be tough to get the latest info a break stories when those companies have a hands off attitude toward your publication. Why get  engrossed in a form of media that may go the way of the Dodo in 5 years? 

There are ways to get back into the public's good graces and bringing great people from the industry on board is one big step. It has come to my attention that our good friend David Reeder is one such person that RECOIL has introduced as contributor and we know he can make a change for the better. You may have seen his work in Kit Up! over the past few years as well as's entertainment blog Under the Radar. He has also written for many other military publications and is a one the driving forces behind Breach Bang Clear, BOLO Report, and many other secret missions to bring the goods on topics you normally don't see such as courses on Long Pig Cleaning and Prep. 

David Reeder 
With over 20 years in the  military combined with service in Law Enforcement, David has the experience to write what he knows. He continues to train, teach, and travel to further his knowledge, which in turn has garnered him a lot of contacts within the industry to get the word on the latest and greatest developments. You will find his contributions at and we will be picking up a new issue of the magazine again to see what other improvements are being made. 

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