Thursday, June 20, 2013

New Zealand Army's New Look

We had first touched on the new Multi-Terrain Camouflage Uniforms for the NZDF when the story first broke of the winning pattern almost a year ago and now the NZ Army has released shots of their 1st Brigade, which was the first to take on the new MCU. The uniform takes in the best innovations from around the world and is designed to be effect while worn under body armor.

NZDF Multi-Terrain Camouflage Uniform
Project Manager, Captain Ian Leabourne notes, " We have traditionally had our two patterns of uniform, one for the jungle and one for the desert. However, with the operational environments we face today, we can be operating in a variety of terrains within one area. We needed something which would do the job in whatever environment we deploy to. This uniform, with its unique NZ Defence Force pattern, solves this issue. The MCUs are a layered clothing system, so it is not just a case of a new look. We have included the full range of clothing which our soldiers need to perform well on operations and in training.”

NZ Army1st Brigade in New MCU
In addition to the unique Multi-Terrain Camouflage pattern provided by HyperStealth Biotechnology Corp., the new uniform will also feature knee and elbow pads with an FR Variant for soldiers outside the wire. A layering system is provided including wet and cold weather protection to go under and over the MCU. 

Multi-Terrain Camouflage Uniform
The new uniforms will replace the previous version over the next six months. Total cost to implement the new uniform is reported at $13.6 million ($10.88 millon USD) covering two years of cost for implementation with the active duty and reserve forces. You can see the first video of the new MCU in action below. 

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