Tuesday, June 18, 2013

LandCamo ABD/Alpine Hits the Alps

The guys at S.S.F.N were able to get some great shots of their LandCamo ABD/Alpine at a glacier beneath Skuta Mountain in the Slovenian Alps. 

LandCamo ABD/Alpine Field Shots
The camouflage is shown on the U.S. manufactured Alpine Oversuit offered by SpecOpShop. Clearly the camo is effective at varying distances in this particular rocky and snow covered terrain, which was the focal point for the camouflage pattern. 

LandCamo ABD/Alpine Hiding in Plain Sight
With some of these photos you are left looking for shadows just to identify the person in the shot. LandCamo is exclusively licensed by SpecOpShop. The ABD/SERE Pattern, which is a transitional variant is already available for purchase, with ABD/Alpine coming soon to

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