Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Haley Strategic Partners Halts Oral IV Sales

We have been following the recent developments surrounding Oral IV and a few different parties calling the product out as a mere marketing ploy that is touting itself as the world's best hydration solution. The straw that broke the proverbial camel's back came down June 13th with a report from the Special Curcumstances Blog providing the chemical analysis of Oral IV with comparisons to other hydration solutions including tap water. Morrision Industries followed with a thorough explanation of why they feel ORAL IV is a Scam and why the product is not the best means for hydration. 

This has now created some buzz from within the industry and is drawing notice to those companies that had previously promoted Oral IV including Haley Strategic Partners. We have only seen one side of the story thus far, but it is interesting to say that HSP has now pulled their previous video demonstrating the effectiveness of Oral IV from their Youtube page and Travis Haley has now issued the statement below provided in its entirety. 

On June 17, concerns were raised about the science behind a product that HSP distributes called Oral IV. After careful consideration, Haley Strategic has made the decision to halt sales of Oral IV pending the results of further testing by both Hydration Solutions as well as independent third parties.

We believe that much of the "data" presented at this point is highly suspect. The methodology and testing processes used to back the conclusions reached are completely arbitrary and not scientific in any meaningful sense of the word. However, in the interest of our audience, we are erring on the side of caution until independent and scientific findings can be made public.

To be clear, we have been using the Oral IV additive in our own daily regimens for over a year and have experienced a positive effect from its use. However, in this matter, we now require more than personal experience. We require empirical independent evidence that this product works, for everyone.

We do this, because our core is to help people. Period.


We also see that other retailers are pulling Oral IV from their stores and listing similar responses. Different figures are noting that they will be doing studies on the effectiveness of Oral IV, which should prove interesting. While we are weary of these intentions in the possible promotion of competing products, hopefully a scientific approach will be at hand and people keep things in perspective when  understanding the realities of such products and their capabilities. Clearly those promoting Oral IV are taking heed to see how this story plays out. 

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