Thursday, May 9, 2013

Want to Train, But Can't Find Ammo?

We are seeing many Firearms Training Companies across the nation making alterations to their syllabus to fit the needs of the ammo shortage. Some are cutting round counts, while many are sourcing affordable ammunition for their students. One of the more common alterations being made is the allowance of .22 cal ammo for carbine courses given the scarcity and outright high prices found for .223 rounds. 

S.T.A. Training Group Carbine Fighter course
AZ based STA Training Group has been allowing the affordable .22 ammunition for quite some time during their carbine courses and have now kicked things up a notch by taking out all of the guess work. They have now announced for $365 you will be completely covered including your training, firearms, equipment, optics and now .22 Cal ammo for all levels of their 2-Day Carbine Fighter Course. Apparently, their students have been utilizing nothing but this caliber, though they will allow .223 and .308 ammunition if you bring your own and pay the standard course rate. 

At a $115 premium over their normal rates you can avoid the elusive search to fill the 800 rounds needed, which has proven difficult for the popular .22 round. Hopefully, things will soon normalize and it will once again be reasonable to train with the ammo of intended use, but at triple the cost of training, we see this method as a great alternative for the student. For full scheduling and other course information visit

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