Wednesday, May 8, 2013

SHM Standard Glock Package

Snake Hound Machine has all sorts of surprises and has now introduced their  new Standard Glock Package along with the Iron Ladies. The improvements are available for the Gen 3 and Gen 4 Glock Series of handguns and incorporates some of the best components available along with attention to detail on increasing overall performance. 

SHM Iron Ladies with Standard Glock Package Pistols

The SHM Standard Glock Package includes a present Zev Fulcrum Stainless Steel Trigger and resurfaced striker sear engagement for a 3.5 Lb. pull, steel mounted green fiber optic front sight, the new I.C.E. Claw EMS rear sight, Trigger Bar, and Lone Wolf Extended Magazine release. In addition you can opt to add an Inforce APL with 200 lumens of power, as well as SHM spec OTG Concepts holsters, which will also receive a pistol with the APL mounted. This is not merely a swapping of parts as other  adjustments are made to best increase the performance. For full details and ordering visit

SHM Standard Glock Package
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