Thursday, May 30, 2013

Navy Bringing FR Coveralls to All Sailors at Sea

The Navy has announced today that within nine months they will introduce a new FR Coverall for all sailors at sea based on the existing coverall material utilized by sailors working in high risk conditions. Prior to this move only sailors working in certain high risk areas were required to wear flame resistant coveralls.  We had a good laugh when it was determine that Non-FR clothing was deemed to be flammable given the clarity of such a revelation, but apparently the Navy was surprised at the extremity of the uniforms propensity to flare up and became enough of an issue to change uniform policy. 

Photo by U.S. Navy, Jasmine Powers
It is noted that they are still considering use of the NWU1 if it is deemed suitable, which one would surmise means a change in material while utilizing the existing design, however that review is still in the works to determine its ultimate future use. You can read the full update at

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