Monday, May 6, 2013

FR UBAX A-TACS AU Desert Field Shots

Applied Orange was kind enough to send us out their FR UBAX Combat Shirt in A-TACS AU Camo from the first production run. This is the first Flame Resistant Combat Shirt featuring the A-TACS camouflage pattern.

Applied Orange FR UBAX in A-TACS AU
The FR UBAX first made its debut in the A-TACS Camo with the Foliage Green option, but we wanted to check out the Arid/Urban variant in the Arizona desert and it was worth the wait. The shirt features Defender M fabric throughout utilizing the Berry Compliant TenCate USA materials.

The FR UBAX has been released commercial to make sure that it is readily available to those that need it. Applied Orange notes that protective garments of this quality are only available through official channels, but they wanted it open to professionals in hotspots that have requested it to be manufactured. 

While we are certainly biased toward the A-TACS AU Camo pattern with its effectiveness in the AZ Desert and perhaps biased toward seeking out high quality military clothing, we can say that the FR UBAX is a top quality garment. We will leave the flame resistance tests to the experts, but Defender M has already gone through the paces on that spectrum. 

The torso of the FR UBAX features Defender M OD Jersey and Mesh fabric. This provides for an extremely breathable shirt that also wicks moisture away from the body for quick drying and an extremely comfortable wear in high temps. 

FR UBAX Mandarin Collar
The Combat Shirt has a Mandarin Collar with a quarter zip and zipper stay to avoid any irritation. The Collar is not a tight fit and quite comfortable for long term wear.

FR UBAX Sleeve
The sleeves incorporate Bicep Pockets with Velcro closures and a loop face for identification as well as a concealed zip pocket. Elbows are reinforced with an extra layer of fabric, slot pockets are provided on the forearms for Cyalume or pens, and the wrists are adjustable with hook & loop tabs. You can currently purchase Applied Orange products including the FR UBAX and non-FR Combat Shirts through select distributors in the Netherlands, Greece and UK. XpertTactical is a popular retailer in the UK for exports to the United States. View full details on the FR UBAX Combat Shirt and other great offerings at

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