Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Army Researching Ultra Low Vis Plate Carriers

We are seeing plenty of innovation in the industry for concealable armor protection, so it is no surprise that the Army is seeking out an improved option. The U.S. Army released a Sources Sought for an Ultra Low Visibility Concealable Plate Carrier weighing in total between 12 and 19 pounds in support of Product Manager Soldier Protection and Individual Equipment. 

Concealable Body Armor
Photo: U.S. Army PEO Soldier
Key features of the ULV-CPC include protection against widely used rifle and pistol rounds (Soft - 9mm, Plate-7.62X39mm) and improved concealment compared to the current Concealable Body Armor utilized. The CPC must be compatible with the current ACU utilized and have the ability to produce 2,860 units within 90 days of any contract awarded. For full details visit:

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