Monday, April 29, 2013

Summarized Footage Helped FBI Find Boston Marathon Bomb Suspects

IsraelDefense has released a report that the Israeli Company BriefCam and their surveillance footage summarizing system helped find the Boston Marathon Bomb Suspects. While, we see every possible angle of the event being covered in the news, the Video Synopsis on Demand provided by BriefCam is a technology that proves very helpful for all types of video surveillance. 

BriefCam: 1 Hour in 1 Minute
The outdoor demonstration shown below sums up the capabilities of the product, which is essentially a summation of all action that took place over a given period of time shown at once in an abbreviated period of video. Briefcam ties in to existing CCTV systems with a 60 minute to 1 summation being provided in review of the footage. Obviously there is wide reach use for this technology for law enforcement, military, security, and any business utilizing video surveillance. View the full report regarding its use by the FBI for the Boston Marathon Bomb at

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