Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Remington to Reveal Venture X at NRAAM

Everyone needs a little bit of anticipation in their lives and apparently Remington is looking to play on that up until the NRA Annual Meeting. We saw how effective it was for the S&W Shield with their teaser campaign, so can you blame them. The video below tickles your ass with a feather with a bunch of blocked out tidbits that would be a giveaway for what they have in the works.

Our friends over at were savvy enough to catch on to the Tracking Point connection as their information request form ties into the Tracking Point website. You can also see the similarities in the big red X which takes center stage in the advertising and is utilized in the Tracking Point aiming system. 

If RTB is correct and Remington has bought into the Tracking Point System, the this could be a huge advance for the technology with a heavy hitter helping to drive marketing, sales, ammunition solutions, and best yet further development. We pegged a target at a 1000 yards with little effort while freezing at SHOT Show Media Day, so the possibilities for creating a universal impressive marksmanship system is quite intriguing. 

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