Friday, April 5, 2013

Petman's New Clothes

We follow along with all of the latest robot wonderments put out by Boston Dynamics, which are many times in conjunction with DARPA. Their upright robot Petman is of particular interest given its development to function much as a person would. In the past you could clearly ascertain that this was a robot that you were viewing albeit a highly function robot when tethered in place and doing the treadmill bit. 

Now Boston Dynamics has decided to outfit Petman with 3-Color Desert Camo Chem Suit and gas mask, which hides its robot persona quite well. In fact it is a bit creepy to see it go through the paces despite the still remaining robotic movements. Clearly, this is unnecessary protection for a robot, but the ability to conceal the true identity of what one may otherwise determine to not be human definitely raises an eyebrow to what we can expect with further development of these robots. We have provided the full video, so you can decide for yourself. 

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