Saturday, April 6, 2013

Newtown Parents Demand a Plan on 60 Minutes

Perhaps this is not the same type of advertisement you had previously seen with Actors, Generals, or Law Enforcement Officers, but those looking for increased gun control, which will effect law abiding citizens are looking to the parents of Newtown for an added push to their rhetoric. It is easy to see how these grieving parents would find some solace through trying to make a change in this country that perhaps would stop a future incident like the one that took their children from them. However, for the sake of this promotional snippet to promote the 60 Minutes show they take part in, they are clearly looking at the gun rather than the person that committed these heinous acts. It wasn't an inanimate object that caused these crimes.

The idea that Universal background checks would have prevented these actions if flawed when a background check should have taken place in the purchase of the firearms utilized. It is also clear that the capacity of the magazines utilized would not make a difference when reports point to multiple firearms and magazines being available during the course of the shooting. We won't make such assumptions as they do as news reports have been a mixed bag, but the numbers simply add up. You can see from the preview below that this will be a highly emotional presentation that plays into the knee jerk reaction that politicians try to jump on to drive home their rhetoric.

Unfortunately, many will paint you as a soulless gun nut if you disregard the notion that this legislation should go forth after seeing these parents speak. It is important to note that these people have gone through an event that no one wants to encounter. Gun owners also grieve all the same for these horrible tragedies. Surely, their reasoning can be swayed by what took place much as it has Gabrielle Giffords. People are free to express their opinion and life experiences are a big part of what shape them. However, this is a clear effort to exploit the emotions that go along with these circumstances and push forward a gun control agenda that will infringe on the rights of law abiding gun owners across the countries or on a more local level for many at best.

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