Friday, April 12, 2013

Manufacturers Provide Repercussions for Gun Control

As we have seen with Magpul follewed by Stag Arms and PTR, there are unintended consequences of passing gun control legislation in your state. More firearms and related industry manufacturers should follow suit and stand with the residents of these states in showing politicians that there are many repercussions from taking away freedoms from their constituents. 

Stag Arms and PTR are now planning to leave the state of Connecticut after the latest wide reaching legislation that has been passed. COLT, PTR, ASC, and Ruger are a few industry manufacturers that conduct business within the state.  We are sure Stag Arms would be welcome to stay in Connecticut as Magpul was in Colorado, despite the inherent hypocrisy with allowing such a loophole. Politicians are happy to keep the jobs going and any associated business taxes flowing while these companies manufacture the products they seek to limit from their own residents, just so they can gain political clout from those misguided voters and political action committees who in one way or another will allow their fellow man to lose his inalienable rights. 

It is not our intention to tell firearms manufactures they must move out of such states where freedoms are being taken away, but you can be the judge on if the title of this post is a statement of recent events or a consideration to be had by all. This is a business decision that would ultimately have large up front costs and certainly take the jobs away from many hardworking Americans from no fault of their own. However, we all know that money talks and it is the customers of these customers and other supporters of gun rights whom can have an impact in showing manufacturers that they are helping support a government that is not out for their best interest or the liberties of their customers. This should is already be apparent to them, but these companies moving is a great signal to other states to stop with the anti-2nd Amendment legislation and get back to the issues that better server their constituents.

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