Monday, April 8, 2013

Larry Cafero Connecticut State Representative Responds

There is a lot going on behind the scenes which the general public simply is not privy. There is a coordinated effort in the fight to control guns on many levels, and we are currently see some battles lost on the state level. This is not tin foil hat rhetoric, but the simple correlation between events taking place and the scheduling of media releases to move the agenda along. It was no coincidence that the parents of Newtown were aired on 60 Minutes last night followed by a visit to Washington D.C. today via Air Force One. The gun grabbers are not going to just go away and have a plan, whether it apparent to most or not.  

One of our readers has provided with the response he has received from Connecticut State Representative Larry Cafero in response to the recent legislation that has passed in his State, for which he provided his own compromised support in developing, as the minority leader of a Democrat dominated House. It is interesting to see how he words the actions that took place, which could give you some idea for similar maneuvering we could see in other states or on the federal level.  You can be the judge on this Reps own personal involvement. You can view his full response below:

One thing was certain on December 14th, and that was the fact that there would be a legislative response to the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary. As the minority leader in a General Assembly where Republicans are outnumbered 2 to 1, my primary task was to bring balance and protect the Constitutional rights of law-abiding gun owners, while at the same time protecting public safety.

On one side of the argument are those who want an outright ban of most guns and the confiscation of legally owned weapons, magazines and ammunition.   On the other side are those that say no additional gun laws are needed because law abiding gun owners were not the problem.  In the middle lay my firm commitment to the Second Amendment and my oath to uphold our state and federal Constitutions.

I have been told to “walk away” and “let the Democrats own it”.  That was not an option for me.  It would be irresponsible to allow the Governor and the Democrats have their way.  The laws they would have passed would have been so far overreaching, it is difficult to imagine.  I could not sit back while rights are legislated away. As a result, I spent 3 straight weeks fighting for rational solutions to what was going to happen whether we want it or not.

Had I “walked away”, we would have been left with: Confiscation of most firearms and ammunition, additional tax on ammunition, universal and periodic registration, only allow ownership of firearms that fire one (1) bullet and require handguns to be “personalized” so that only the owner can operate the weapon with fingerprint technology.

Instead, no gun owner will lose a gun, no gun owner will lose their property, no gun owner will be forced to register all their weapons, and gun manufacturers will not be forced to leave this state or be demonized for the product they produce.  It is not perfect, but it is better than the alternative.

I have been called several names recently, namely “a sellout” or a “coward”. I have never misrepresented myself or my views.  Throughout this process I have kept Constitutional rights at the forefront of the argument.   I do not expect anyone on either side of the issue to be satisfied and please know that I am not out celebrating or claiming victory.  No one wishes that this process ever had to happen more than me. I wish that those twenty-six families could be whole again, I wish that there was no desire or momentum to pass legislation like this. I completely understand the anger and emotion surrounding the provisions of this bill.  I also understand what could have been, if not for someone defending gun owners and their rights.

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