Sunday, April 28, 2013

Izhmash to Reveal Bullpup BC-121 Sniper Rifle

At the upcoming 80th Anniversary celebration of the Izhmash Design and Technology Center, they will be revealing a new sniper rifle with a bullpup configuration called the BC-121, which is based on the AK-12 and SV-98 chambered in 7.62X39mm. They have not yet released any imagery, but we are sure it will come up when the BC-121 bullpup rifle is revealed on April 29th. Below is great "tour" video of the Izhmash plant released by the state owned parent company Rostec. The plant produced 11.3 million rifles during World War II, is the birthplace of the Kalashnikov Rifle, and is touted as the largest multi-platform firearms company.

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