Monday, April 29, 2013

Izhmash Bullpull Sniper Rifle

Izhmash had announced the release of their BC-121 Bullpup rifle with a rifle chambered in 7.62X39 based on the AK-12 and SV-98 at an upcoming ceremony, which we posted on this past weekend. The photo recently released  from aforementioned ceremony doesn't seem to mesh with the description completely given since the magazine is for 7.62X54r as pointed out by our friends at Snake Hound Machine, which better meshes with the sniper aspect and their other announcements that were made.

Izhmash Bullpup Sniper rifle
This new rifle reveal coincides with the 80th Anniversary ceremony for the Izhmash Design and Technology Centre. They announced civilan Bullpup Rifles will also be in the works. Another great announcement focused on their development and production of ammunition at Izhmash with a new caliber for the AK-12 including one pistol and two rifle cartridges. 

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