Monday, April 1, 2013

HyperStealth Ready to Wear

Let's face it, the industry is a bit of a sausage party. Sure there are woman working their way into the tactical community, but there is little that camouflage companies are doing to meet the needs of these ladies. However, HyperStealth is reaching out to less than 10% of woman that follow them on Facebook with the Little Camo Dress. 

Little Camo Dress: HyperStealth Deceptex Freddie Pattern
This is just one example of the versatility of the print on demand Deceptex fabric, which can be printed in an infinite number of patterns. The pattern you see here is called Freddie, which was developed in May of 2011 as a potential replacement pattern for the New Zealand Army. The Deceptex Fabric will soon be available for purchase to utilize as you see fit. 

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