Thursday, April 4, 2013

Hyde Definition Submits PenCott Snowdrift for SOCOM Camo

We are getting word from several camouflage designers that they will be submitting entries for the Snow Camo solicitation put out by the US Army for Special Operations Forces. Clearly a government contract is well worth the effort when it comes to camouflage design and the extra exposure is all the sweeter. Hyde Definition has now announced that they will be going forward with their PenCott Snowdrift pattern for the solicitation. O'Neill Ops took out an Overwhite Suit  utilizing the pattern recently for a Coyote hunt and were quite pleased with its capabilities. You can see a great shot of it in use below, which helps give you some idea as to the effectiveness of the pattern. 
PenCott Snowdrift Overwhite Suit in the Hunt with O'Neil Ops
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