Monday, April 8, 2013

FEAR Gear Submits Snow Camo CRYO

We just got word that FEAR Gear was able to submit their Snow Camo named CRYO to Natick on April 3rd based on the existing solicitation previously discussed here. They have provided some photos here from Mt. Snowdon in Wales.

Fear Gear Cryo Camouflage Field Shots
Fear Gear is quite pleased with the results of CRYO being transferred to fabric. This is their second variant of the FEAR Camo Pattern, which validates three aspects of the pattern that were in their ultimate goal. First, it demonstrates the value of the modular concept of the pattern in giving them the ability to create the ideal texture for a specific environment (evaluation proved the first D1RT variant also has an ideal texture for it's intended environment. The ultimate value resides in it having a lower cost of production rather than developing an entirely new pattern.

Mt. Snowdon Cryo Camo Field Shots
Second, it has proven their claim to be able to rapidly develop environment specific variants. The CRYO was developed in response to the USSOCOM request for an alpine/sub-alpine pattern and work started on the March 15, the ideal texture configuration of the pattern was selected and the color palette was developed and they received the final fabric yardage the March 29th.
Cryo Snow Camo in the Field
Third, the pattern's organic texture while seen by the eye, the brain recognizes it as being part of the natural environment and even though it may not blend always with the natural texture of the environment the brain wants to ignore it as being of further interest.

Snow Camo Cryo from Fear Gear
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