Friday, April 26, 2013

DNDC Viper Cover

Domari Nolo Defense Consulting has release one of their latest designs with the DNDC Viper Cover offered in PenCott Badlands and GreenZone camouflage patterns. These are fitted baseball style caps made in the USA by Viper Headwear. This is a low-profile cap with velcro loop.

Domari Nolo Defense Consulting Viper Cover (Front and Center)
You can see the DNDC Viper Cover worn by the Top Squirrel from Domari Nolo front and center in the photo above as he runs the carbine course at the Shoot Heard Round the World. This isn't your every day operator cap imported from the Far East and named after an endangered bird. Ordering is available online with fitted sizing at

DNDC Viper Cover
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