Wednesday, April 10, 2013

CPP Grab Bag

SORD Australia has released their CPP Grab Bag for vehicle operations. The bag has a small foot print for easy stowage with multi-use properties for your kit, ammunition, med kit, or any other utility. A grab handle and shoulder strap provide for easy carry. 
The simple design of the Grab Bag integrates two large compartments lined with Velcro to attach organizational pouches. The top flap folds out to attach to your headrest for an easy placement. The back large compartment folds flat for easy access to your gear when placed flat. There is also a rear slot to organize small tools.

CPP Bag Internal
The CPP Grab Bag comes complete with six varied sized pouches for organization with velcro hook backing for secure placement in the bag and is currently available in the SORD Base Color SBC (Tan).
SORD CPP Grab Bag w/ Included Pouches

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