Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Combat XII Pack Chest Rig Configuration

The Top Squirrel over at Domari Nolo shared some shots of the Combat XII-MEC Pack he picked up from us in the PenCott Badlands Pattern. Most interesting is his configuration of the pack in conjunction with the AR Swamp Fox Mark 5.56 II split chest rig from UW Gear. 

Combat XII-MEC Pack & Swamp Fox Rig Configuration
The Combat XII Pack was designed  by Ares Armor with a key focus of direct connection to a plate carrier, larger pack, or other load bearing equipment. This configuration shows the versatility of the pack in providing minimalist approach to carrying just what you need for short term utility.  

Mayflower Swiftclip Linking Torso Strap to Rig
Mayflower Swiftclips were utilized at the torso strap to tie everything together easily. Below is the top view so you can see the connection points at the shoulder strap.

Top View - Swamp Fox + Combat XII Pack Configuration
We offer the original Combat XII Pack as well as the MEC version with PenCott Patterns at and the AR Swamp Fox Mark II 5.56 can be ordered at with a 4-6 week lead time. Carrying just what you need keeps getting easier. 

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