Sunday, April 14, 2013

Black Wolf Tactical Phoenix Gun Buy Back PSA

We recently learned that the City of Phoenix was having a Gun Buy Back program. While, this does not come a surprise given the recent increased gun grabbing, we don't see this as an effective manner to address any crime in the city and will ultimately not result in any criminals giving up their guns. Thankfully the good guys over at Black Wolf Weapons & Training are helping to get the word out and put forth a better means for law abiding citizens to be rid of those "scary" inanimate objects they no longer want taking up space in their closet. 

Gun Buy Backs in Arizona can ultimately turn into a sidewalk swap meet for those looking to pick up a great deal on firearms that would otherwise be destroyed in exchange for severely reduced compensation, in this case a $200 gift certificate for so called "Assault Rifles". At any rate, if you are a an Arizona resident, help the cause by getting the word out and help the market supply the demand. 

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