Thursday, April 18, 2013

Adolphus Busch IV Pulls Out of NRA

It is quite ironic that a beer baron would start throwing out terms like Assault Weapons and High Capacity Magazines when in 2010 10,228 people where killed in alcohol related car accidents. St. Louis News Channel 5 KSDK released the exclusive today that Adolphus Busch IV former CEO and current board member of Anheuser Busch has submitted his resignation of lifetime membership to the NRA after the gun control amendments failed in the Senate. You can see the full report below. 

Mr. Busch should know better and not blame inanimate objects on the actions of people. He is certainly smart enough to know that a can of Budweiser doesn't drive a car impaired and cause havoc out on the road. Apparently he has his own past with bad decisions while under the impairment of alcohol. Which could come from being a U of A student. Much like Prohibition was proven useless in stopping criminals from getting their hands on hooch, so called universal background checks that Mr. Busch is for are quite comparable in their ineptitude. 

Ultimately, Adolphus Busch IV already sold out Anheuser Busch to the Belgium company Inbev, so his resignation should not be full reflection on the company or its brands, which are quite popular with gun owners across this country. However, these companies should tread lightly and keep their board members on a short leash when it comes to spewing anti-gun rhetoric. Especially when their customers have a lot of alternatives to consider when enjoying their down time when back from the range. 

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