Monday, April 22, 2013

A Look at The Shoot Heard Round the World

Snake Hound Machine along with associated sponsors put on one hell of a shoot for Patriot's Day this past weekend. If you were up and New England and happened to make it up to the shoot then consider us jealous. The guys were kind enough to share these photos with us. 

Snake Makes an Appearance

If you were wondering what wonderful things could be done with those New Frontier polymer lower receivers, which were one of the only affordable option during the big panic of 2013, then look no further. This is a 300 Blackout home build pistol being put to work by Owen Martin himself from Snake Hound Machine with an A-TACS ACU in the works. 

New Frontier Blackout Build
Another great pistol they had on display was their Patriot with the Loudener muzzle device.

Snake Hound Machine Patriot Pistol

Of course any Snake Hound Machine Shoot wouldn't be complete without a VEPR in the mix.

And the real fireworks don't come until after dark. Thanks to the guys at Snake Hound Machine for all of the media from the shoot. Everyone should start making your plans for next year!

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