Friday, March 22, 2013

Vice: 3D Printed Guns Documentary

One of the more controversial discussions as of late in the firearms industry is the ability to print guns. In specific printing the lower receiver of an AR-15 Platform rifle, which is effectively the controlled part of this specific firearm. There are many other parts that go into it to creating a function rifle, but for all intents and purposes, this is the specific piece of the puzzle needed in order to go forth and purchase the remaining components on the free market without having to go through any regulatory actions. Durability is a clear bottle neck, but with a spark of ingenuity you could have a long burning fire to get the job done. 

Vice can be caustic in their presentation at times, however we look forward to their latest documentary on 3D Printed Guns focusing on the Wikiweapon Project, which developed a functioning firearm utilizing a printed lower receiver. We know there is much more to it than just running down to Staples and picking up a Lexmark, however the ramifications and possible positive effects of this innovation could be long lasting. You can view the full trailer of the documentary below. 

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