Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Latest From RECOIL

Just as the sand through an hour glass will pass through time, people will make stupid commentaries and statements in Gun Magazines. There were high hopes for Recoil up until their big debacle that left them replacing their Editor. Now Issue 6 has hit the shelves and there is some resemblance of a quality magazine for the industry.

RECOIL Magazine Issue 6
Some advertisers have shown their presence including the likes of POF USA and Mission First Tactical, so perhaps they are back to normal aside from the hundreds if not thousands of alienated readers that may never pick up an issue. I guess that is the sunk cost of anti-2nd Amendment rhetoric and perhaps well deserved. We have no affinity for the magazine, but we had to see what's doin'. 

Iain Harrison, Former British Army Captain and Crimson Trace PR man has since taken over as editor. The look and feel remains as well as Tire advertisements. I can understand the car angle, but a fancy exhaust pipe is lost on me when I am looking for guns and gear porn. However, not all is lost as there with great comparisons on Karambits and Buttstocks as well as a side by side subcompact review of the Glock 30S and Springfield XD-S .45 ACP selections. There is a lot more where that comes from as you can see on the cover.

In the end most people will either pay the $9 and pick it up again or not. Clearly they cleaned house and hopefully they keep up with the pro-2nd amendment agenda that they do push in the magazines since the blow up. If you are wondering if it is worth the buy then just flip through it as you wait for your wife at the grocery store as you would with any other magazine. It would have been nice to have some firearms related tools in the Harbor Freight ad, but we guess they have to pay the bills somehow considering everyone they pissed off. Typically most subjects are covered on the internet by the time they make it to a magazine, but sometimes it is good to have some old style media flipping between the fingers. 

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