Thursday, March 28, 2013

MTek G4 Flex Faceshield

There will soon be six new options in soft maxillofacial protection with the G4 Flex Faceshield series from MTek. They are noting a ballistic rating comparable to NIJ IIIA. You can see that MultiCam will be a standard option, but don't be surprised if you see some A-TACS Camo down the pipeline as well. There are three distinct differences in the material including a Base, Loop, or Grip Fabric. With each of these there is a Patrol Version that is vented in the front or Entry Version, which is flush at the front.  The G4 Flex in all of its iterations will be available for purchase soon at

G4 Flex Patrol B (Base)
G4 Flex Entry B (Base)
G4 Flex Entry G (Grip)
G4 Flex Entry L (Loop)
G4 Flex Patrol L (Loop)
G4 Flex Patrol G (Grip)

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