Monday, March 18, 2013

Hunting Vizcacha in Argentina

One of our Argentinean friends sent us this shot of their Vizcacha lineup after a successful hunt. These are essentially giant rabbits related to Chinchillas, but look much more sinister in this grainy cell phone shot. Big smiles were had by all. 

Argentina Vizcacha Hunt
These plains dweller rodents weigh in at 12 pounds and were taken down by a .22 rifle with hollow point Stinger ammo. The hunters also utilized 9mm pistols with more difficulty at no less than 80 feet given their ease of flight at closer distances and the necessity to hunt them at night. We provided a shot of a Gaucho holding a Vizcacha to give some perspective on size. Apparently they are quite tasty. 

Gaucho with Vizcacha

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