Sunday, March 3, 2013

First Look: NZDF Multi Terrain Camouflage Uniform

It is one thing to see a pattern on paper, but it definitely takes on a completely different view point once placed on  a full uniform. The New Zealand Defence Force has now rolled out their new MCU, which features the Multi Terrain Camouflage pattern developed during their own camouflage improvement effort. HyperStealth developed the pattern to be utilized in multiple environments, which replaced the previous two colorway DPCU designed for Jungle and Desert terrains. 

New NZDF Multi Terrain Camouflage Uniform (MCU)
Photo Bruce Mercer/ Fairfax NZ Media

The photo seen was taken from Fairfax NZ Media footage of the New Zealand Defence Force taking part in urban warfare training. It definitely turned some heads of the other soldiers as the soldier wearing the uniform walked into view in the video. Interestingly the initial soldier being interviewed had a slip of the tongue calling it Multi Cam, which we are sure will be a common designation given the use of the popular pattern in different iterations among other coalition forces. You can see the complete footage along with a look at their new 7.62 Minimi Light Support Weapon at:

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