Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Connecticut Wanted Bushmaster Before Newtown Shooting

Apparently the state of Connecticut was not aware of the Aurora, Virginia Tech, or Columbine massacres as they were perfectly fine with courting the firearms manufacturer, Bushmaster for economic gain prior to the Newtown Shooting. The New York Daily News reports they wooed them with sweetheart $1 Million loan just a week prior to the shooting and dropped the deal quickly after the fact. Many politicians are happy to reap the benefits of firearms manufacturing in their states along with the political contributions that come along with supporting their activities. However, they are quick to turn a blind eye to this support once a shooting like this is being trumped up in the media and thrown in their faces for increased gun control. 

Chuck Schumer was happy to take funds from Freedom Group and even tout his ability to move Bushmaster to Ilion to bring jobs to the neighboring New York, which was at the expense of those in Windham, ME. Clearly the Senator has a love/hate relationship with firearms manufacturers depending on what is most expedient. Now it comes out that Connecticut was looking to make a similar maneuver up until a senseless event changed everything in a day. Just think of what would have changed if that day never happened, if the event took place in another state, or a different company manufactured the firearm reported to have been utilized in the shootings. 

To add insult to injury Cerberus also helped in throwing Bushmaster under the bus by announcing that they would be divesting of their Freedom Group holdings, which is reporting as being another contributing factor to the uncertainty involved with bringing Bushmaster to Connecticut. Certainly events are what effect financial decisions on a daily basis and tragedy can be a major factor in the economic world whether we like it or not. However, politicians should be accountable for their decisions and utilize reason when making decisions that effect those they represent rather than allowing emotion to take over and drive knee jerk decisions that could ultimately harm the economics of their state. 

Conversely, firearms manufacturers should think long and hard about which state they call home as the financial implications of future legislation could play a major factor in the continuance of their livelihood into the future. You can read the full report on this matter at:

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