Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Colt Manufacturing Goes to Hartford

We had heard that Colt brought all 500 of their employees down to the capitol of Connecticut to show those that would be effected in the event that the legislature banned the firearms that they manufacture.

You can already see the economic impact with Magpul having to make a move from Colorado, which will inevitably result in the loss of jobs for Colorado residents. Other employees across the country face this same fear. Sure there was some good news yesterday that the "AWB" was pulled from the Senate's comprehensive gun control legislation, but you can be sure that this is not that you will see of that either on the State or once again on the federal level in the future.

The video below from the NSSF shows the faces behind those that manufacture for Colt. It has to be a tough prospect in this high unemployment economy to face losing your livelihood, especially if it is the only profession have known for one or several decades. This should be one more warning to those representing us when it come to making terrible legislation against the firearms industry and the freedoms of their constituents. 

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