Monday, March 11, 2013

Colorado Legislature Passes Standard Capacity Magazine Ban

As we expected late Friday night, the Colorado State Senate has passed a ban on magazines with a capacity of 15 rounds and up. As you probably know by now, this means Magpul will move out of the state and hopefully others in the industry will follow suit. The bill passed with an 18-17 divide, showing that your liberties can be taken with just a slight majority consensus on failed logic that will do nothing to provide the people of Colorado with any added safety. 

If you don't think it can happen in your state then be proactive to make sure that is the case. Any federal legislation with such an affront to the U.S. Constitution could be a ways away, but clearly there are plenty of states and municipalities moving forward with their own knee jerk reactionary legislation to yet again limit your ability to decide for yourself. It certainly is not going to help business by banning their products and forcing them out of state. This is certainly another unconscionable consequence of such broad stepping powers. 

The State did amend the bill so that it banned any shotgun with more than 28 inches of shells rather than 8 shells, so the house will need to re-vote on it. Clearly these things don't happen in a vacuum and we would be quite surprised if it made it this far and does not clear straight through the governor. How they will enforce a law that allows you to own existing magazines, but not transfer them otherwise is just about as laughable ass the logic behind it in the first place. 

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