Saturday, March 30, 2013


The new Low Vis Rig BALCS soft and hard armor carrier from Beez Combat Systems is being introduced in Krytek Camouflage, which will now be available for all of their products including the Highlander (transitional) and Mandrake (Woodland) patterns. 

The BALCS LVR is based on the original BCS BALCS Carrier line utilizing a low profile system that can be worn discretely under clothing. Now you can attach a variety of load carrying options based in the intended operation. A four magazine chest rig can be attached with clips and has added Pals webbing for additional compatible accessories. 

A low profile waist retention system has been integrated into the BCS LVR and is adjustable. A 1" piece of webbing provides a secure connection between the front and rear carriers. A drag handle is provided in the event of emergency evac being needed. This would replace the waist strap as it would clip to the rear and provide the same connection. You can also utilize the elastic adjustable cummerbund for further load carrying capability. Each side of the cummerbund integrate internal pockets as is typical with many of the BCS product designs for added storage. 


Shoulder pads are available as an add on for more comfort and PALS allong the back of the carrier allow for a hydration carrier attachment or other compatible accessories. In addition to the Kryptek patterns, you can choose from MultiCam, Woodland, and A-TACS FG or AU Camo. There are also solid colors available including Coyote, Khaki, Ranger or OD Green, and Black. You can find full details on the BCS BALCS LVR at We will be carrying this product along with all other BCS options currently available in the new Kryptek Highlander and Mandrake Patterns at Predator Armament. 

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