Thursday, March 14, 2013

Ares Armor Upgrades with A-TACS Jacquard Webbing

There are plenty of manufacturers and retailers who have had the color match conversation. Obviously the 50 shades of Coyote has left some folks a bit confused. Now with the growing interest in camouflage and the variety of Gucci patterns to choose from, everyone is looking for the next innovative step in the match game. Ares Armor released the following shot of their Drop Leg Platform in its three stages of evolution from standard Coyote Webbing to A-TACS AU match, followed by the most advanced Jacquard weaved webbing with the most exact match to the pattern seen on the nylon. 

Ares Armor Drop Leg Platform
While many will simply cover up the webbing with pouches, holster, etc., there is additional function with the weaved webbing given its color stay properties. The former option can wear over time. However, with Jacquard webbing the pattern it is integrated into the weave itself. You can also clearly see that there is a lower sheen resulting in that better pattern match. 

I had just had an discussion with a customer thinking they had received A-TACS FG Webbing given the green in the pattern, when in reality A-TACS AU does have a fair amount of green coloration. In the scheme of things, this enhances its overall ability in desert environments when vegetation is present. At any rate gear whores will be quite happy with the upgrade and those that could care less will appreciate the long color stay properties and better overall blend for concealment effectiveness assuming it is not covered in the first place. The new webbing will be integrated into new production runs. 

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