Friday, February 22, 2013

Zero Division Signature Management Amaroq Camouflage

We have touched on developments from Zero Division Signature Management, but they keep much of their activities under wraps. The company was formed in 2010 specifically to develop patterns for the US Camouflage Improvement Effort, which they ended up not entering due to alternative obligations that arose at the time, which were in conflict with the delayed release of the solicitation. 

ZDSM Amaroq Pixelated Snow Camouflage
Since then, they have had a few countries adopt the camouflage they have  developed, however these projects are kept out of the public eye, so that country of origin does not become an issue given its final use and the problems that arise for a pattern not being of native origin. Our eyes glaze over when we typically hear these types of things, however we have seen the handiwork firsthand. 

MBS-2 in Amaroq Snow Camo Field Shot
As commercial interests materialize it becomes an issue of actually having the general public see your product and such is the case with ZDSM releasing some test shots of their new Amaroq Snow Camo. As you can see in the photo above, the pattern made its way out into the field for some photography. SPECOPS has been working with ZDSM for testing utilizing their MBS-2 uniform. The photo you see here is just that out in the wilderness near Gdynia, Poland.

Amaroq Camouflage

In addition to the snow camouflage, SPECOPS also developed the same uniform with the Warlord Transitional pattern we had posted on previously. Clearly this is not the ideal venue for field testing, but  this shot below provides a glimpse of the uniform and camouflage in action.

Warlord Transitional Camouflage MBS-2 Uniform

For any inquiries concerning the patterns offered by Zero Division Signature Management, contact: info(at)zero(dash)division(dot)net. You can view the wide range of products offered by SPECOPS, the uniform manufacturer at

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