Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Most Gun Control AZ Needs

It is a pleasant circumstance to live in a state where your right to bear arms is taken seriously and the legislature is waking up to broaden these freedoms even further. Just over the past few years we have opened up the ability to conceal carry freely without the need for a permit, hunt with silencers, and carry a magazine with more than five rounds while hunting.

There are not many jurisdictions with conflicting laws in Arizona, and the gun buy back down in Tucson fell flat after it turned into a parking lot gun show for a small portion of the firearms set to be turned in. It is against the law to destroy these firearms, though they did do so in violation. There are already efforts to rewrite the legislation to ensure that there is no confusion that this is illegal. 

The Most Gun Control Needed 
The latest effort that brought a big smile to this long term Arizonan (27 years and counting) is HB 2554 in the State House, which introduces wording to force any "Gun Free Zone" in a Public space to be required to ensure that all entrants are not carrying a weapon. While this may seem like a horrible idea in terms of being searched at any public space that is a "Gun Free Zone", it would effectively force those individuals that regulate a space to make the decision to enforce a 100% gun free space or simply give up the designation due to the required action and cost needed.

Given current budgetary concerns and the mere time required as seen with airports, courts, etc., we would assume they would vouch for the latter providing more freedom for gun owners to provide personal protection in any circumstance of every day life. The wording can be open to interpretation, but this is how the NRA-ILA explained it in layman's terms, which is always appreciated. We provided the full bill below. 

Arizona still follow Federal law in regards to enforcing the restrictions on certain types of firearms, however legislators have already discussed passing bills to stop federal agencies from enforcing new federal legislation if it violates Arizona law. While I hope to not see such an action be enacted, it does give piece of mind that our local legislators are looking out for our 2nd Amendment rights protected in the Constitution rather than look for ways to take away guns from law abiding citizens as seen in many other states. 

The Mainstream Media spins Arizonans as some Wild West gunslingers that don't follow any laws. Let's just keep the rest of the nation thinking that. Bad things happen to states that draw in too many folks that like more laws. The most gun control we need is a heavy safe bolted to a sturdy foundation. After all, one would not want someone coming in their home and taking their guns for any reason. 

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