Friday, February 22, 2013

Predator Armament Exclusive: MOLLE Handle

Zero Division Signature Management came to us with a mock up on the MOLLE Handle several months ago and we were intrigued with the simplicity and versatility of the concept for modular equipment. There are plenty of products out there whether it be packs, armor carriers, or otherwise that simply weren't built with a grab handle or don't have it where you may want it. The MOLLE Handle allows you to customize a grab handle wherever you see fit simply by looping the end insert piece into any webbing loop.

MOLLE Handle
The MOLLE Handle was manufactured by OC Tactical and has undergone several iterations before the final product was completed as seen here. Each end piece insert is reinforced for long term use. It is more likely that the webbing stitching will give out before you have any issues with the integrity of the handle. 

MultiCam MOLLE Handle - Plate Carrier Grab Handle
The "grab" portion of the handle is reinforced for comfort and overall durability. We will be initially offering the color and camouflage options you see here including Foliage, Ranger Green, Coyote 498,  Black A-TACS FG, MultiCam, and A-TACS AU Camo. Custom colors will be available through OC Tactical at a later time.

MOLLE Handle Color Selection on A-TACS AU Combat XII Pack

The HMFIC over at OC Tactical explained a use given the ton of cool MED and GP pouches out there, that are unfortunately only set up for use with MOLLE.  Now you can convert your MOLLE MED or any other pouch with webbing to one you can carry as needed.  The handle also gives you a quick way to hang it using a snap link inside a vehicle, aircraft, etc. His MED pouch is now hanging in the garage with one of the prototypes for a quick easy grab.

The MOLLE Handle is what you make of it and is manufactured for long term and ease of use. It is now available for purchase at 

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